BEMCO’s employees come from a mix of backgrounds, with a diversity that provides a sound and resolute base for the ongoing development of the Company.

As a project and services based organization, BEMCO’s key asset is its people and the strength of its teamwork; BEMCO places great value on all of its employees –building and sustaining an environment that encourages employee development for the benefit of both the individual and the business.
Such an environment is established from day one of an employee’s life with the Company – initiation into the BEMCO values and processes, induction for the local culture and traditions and a framework that supports all employees both inside and outside of work.

Although BEMCO’s workforce is highly skilled, there is always scope to learn more and expand the collective skill-base through internal and external training courses and on-the-job coaching; BEMCO regards such investment in its people as a critical part of its business model.

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