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Corporate Governance Polices

Code of Conduct

BEMCO has established a Code of Conduct Statement that governs the activities of and interaction with third parties by all Company Directors and employees as they relate to the Company or the Company’s operations.

The BEMCO Code of Conduct Statement provides a strong framework to support the integrity, honesty and fairness of all facets of BEMCO’s business and commercial dealings.

A copy of The BEMCO Code of Conduct Statement can be downloaded here ⇩

Corporate Safety Policy

BEMCO believes that the safety and security of all of its employees and related third parties are essential elements in any of its business activities and as such the Management of BEMCO proactively works with all parties concerned to enforce a strict Corporate Safety Policy to ensure a safe and secure work environment.

BEMCO’s Corporate Safety Policy addresses four key points:

  • Awareness of and adherence to all relevant Bahrain statutory provisions and guidelines
  • Provision of all necessary resources to implement and safeguard all aspects of BEMCO’s Corporate Safety Policy
  • Proper and complete dissemination of all required safety information to all relevant parties including all BEMCO employees and related third parties through printed materials, work-shops and seminars
  • Strict enforcement of the stated safety rules and regulations in all BEMCO premises and places of operation.

The BEMCO Corporate Safety Policy is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure continuing enforcement and relevance.

Affirmative Action

BEMCO is fully committed to the provision of equal opportunity employment and commercial relationships in all areas of its operations.

CSR Initiatives

BEMCO as a company supports and encourages its employees to likewise support a range of initiatives to benefit the community from a non-commercial, non-profit making perspective.

Employee Support

BEMCO provides a level of support for its employees and direct family members in respect of fees for educational courses in key professional areas such as engineering and assistance towards the cost of care in the event of significant medical emergencies.